The Regalia


Past meets present in our distinct line of one-of-a-kind Remix couture—where we join authentic heritage pieces with new materials and styles; or match the best of the old with other heirloom pieces—revealing a new brand of contemporary Filipino jewelry.


Tapping into years of artisanal history, our Recreate selection houses the next generation of heirloom jewelry formed using traditional techniques. They are made from new materials and often in more contemporary styles. Our Recreate designs can be specially made to order.
Genuine heritage pieces are given new life in our selection of Revive jewerly, as we return the timeless glory of these rare, one-off vintage and even older antique designs to their most pristine.
The Recollect line is a private assemblage of very important and historically valued pieces that are kept as signature parts of the Maria Angelica portfolio.

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Original tamborine pendants and beads from our colonial past were mostly made in the Ilocos province, and worked on tediously by hand. These works of art speak of the character and calibre of its Ilocano makers, who are incredibly patient and hard working. To do justice to such a celebrated piece of work, we strung the pendant on a necklace woven with the deepest blue antique glass beads, with a hue so rare, they cannot be painted. The weaving process in itself is extra meticulous, requiring back-to-back weaving to achieve such results. In fact, the talented weaver has already moved abroad to become a successful art dealer, making a replication of this necklace next to impossible. I still recall how she, with light from a desk fluorescent lamp, would pick up the tiny beads using the ends of a fishing thread, which are rubbed against candle wax to stiffen the ends. The stiffened ends of thread are then inserted through each and every single glass bead to form patterns that embrace the tamborine beads.

• Authentic tamborine pendant and beads
• Antique glass beads
• 14k gold hook-type lock
• Necklace length: 15in
• Pendant width: 1.1in
• Pendant length up to butterfly piece: 2in
• Crafted in the Philippines

Note: While our RECOLLECT items are part of Maria Angelica’s private collection, we are open to special inquiries about these signature pieces.