A Family’s Love for Timeless Jewelry

I simply love fine jewelry. Growing up, I would see all the elegant women in my family wearing beautiful, timeless pieces. As time went by, my love for jewelry grew more and more. Eventually, I started my own collection. But the ones that I hold dear the most are those that have been passed down to me from previous generations. As I grew older, I came to know more and more about my family’s generation long love affair with jewelry. 

My mom and I are particularly close with my maternal grandmother’s side. A clan with a shared love for jewelry that goes way back to my great – grandmother’s time. Almost all women in the clan grew up with the rule that we are never to leave the house without earrings. Or else great – grandma would get mad. 

My great – grandmother, Florencia, was a remarkable woman who was born in the early 1910s. Remembered by her grandchildren as a woman who would wear piles of jade daily, she was raised by her aunt who was an alahera. She grew up surrounded by beautiful things and was often given jewelry sets by her aunt. Up until her later years, she would always wear her jewelry in sets. My mom also recalled how her grandmother would wear a coral bracelet that showed whether she was feeling unwell based on the color that it gave off. 

During the Japanese time, she used to work for her friend who was also an alahera. But instead of getting her salary in cash form, she chose to save up her earnings and get it in the form of jewelry. Also during the war, she made compartmentalized belts for her and her children. In the pockets of those belts, they put sets of jewelry and a little money. They wore these during the evacuation so that in case any of them got separated, he or she would still be safe because of the jewelry and money. Most of our family also recalls the story of how my great – grandma sold shoe boxes of her jewelry during the war in order to help her family survive. 

I guess one could say that the love for jewelry runs in my family’s genes. Fast forward to today and my mom is just as chic as her grandmother. Completing each of her perfectly styled outfits were her big south sea pearl earrings. Like my great-grandmother, mommy also loved wearing jade. If there is one person who I could credit for cultivating my love for jewelry and fashion, it would be my mom.

Back when I was a baby, she would make me wear gold baby bracelets and small diamond earrings. I was so young when she had my ears pierced that I cannot even remember it happening. As I grew up, my mom would always give me jewelry like south sea pearl necklaces and earrings during special occasions like my birthday and Christmas. When I started working, she told me to invest in two things – jewelry and travel. 

At the age of 26, I still have a long way to go as a jewelry collector. As I mentioned earlier, my most treasured pieces will always be the family heirlooms that have been passed down to me by the women in my family. These pieces, much like those found in Ma. Angelica Rare Finds, are timeless and transcends generations. 

My mom and I have a shared appreciation for fine craftsmanship and classic style. We love shopping from Ma. Angelica Rare Finds because they never fail to provide us with quality and timeless pieces. 

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