Jewelry speaks of our collective histories—like a favorite book that embraces us with the warm and familiar. It urges us to continue the narrative—to pass down our stories from one generation to the next—giving the future a proud heritage with which to write its new chapters.

The Ageless Appeal of the Tamborine

is definitely a major factor in making good investment choices when it comes to fashion, and that includes jewelry.  During this pandemic period we are given time to rethink our spending habits and focus on the important things in life.  Like good things to wear that keeps. 

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A Family’s Love for Timeless Jewelry

I simply love fine jewelry. Growing up, I would see all the elegant women in my family wearing beautiful, timeless pieces. As time went by, my love for jewelry grew more and more. Eventually, I started my own collection.

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A Heritage Jewelry Style Guide for Modern Filipinas

Filipino heritage jewelry pieces are precious treasures often passed down from one generation to the next. They connect us to a storied past full of history, meticulous artistry, and culture. These days, Filipino heritage jewelry artifacts are highly coveted by modern-day jewelry enthusiasts and collectors.

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The Filipina’s Crowning Glory

Long, straight, jet-black, and adorned with gold. History books are filled with accounts depicting the hair of the early Filipinas—a fitting canvas for the striking pieces of jewelry that adorned these dark tresses then and well-throughout the colonial years.

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An Interview with Maria Angelica

A collector’s story more than 35 years in the making, Maria Angelica is both hunter and gatherer—delighting in the discovery and mastery of rare, vintage and antique finery. It is a passion that has honed her eye for design, mindfully reviving heritage techniques to create the new wave of Filipiniana jewelry. She is a purveyor, offering the unique chance to own bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces, inspired by history.

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The Story of the Philippine Relicario

Spanish influence in the Philippines dates back as early as 1565 when Ferdinand Magellan first landed on Philippine shores. It was a rather unique era of the Spanish empire where both Church and State had the power to rule. This rare participation of the religious…

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