Jewelry speaks of our collective histories—like a favorite book that embraces us with the warm and familiar. It urges us to continue the narrative—to pass down our stories from one generation to the next—giving the future a proud heritage with which to write its new chapters.

Something Old for Gigi’s Daughter

Weddings are all about family, and strengthening and growing our ties. When my daughter Kara got married in 2017, it was time for the big reveal: the jewelry that my mother, Clarita, entrusted to me years before. For me, a big milestone like this was no better time to give my daughters, Kara and Cheska, these special pieces that have been passed on from one generation to the next. More than jewelry, they are unique reminders of a family’s love that has extended down the line, leaving behind a part of themselves for us to remember them by.

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Gigi Remembers: Lost and Found

One time, I had a 70-year-old buyer who stopped at my booth the instant she saw what I was selling. She bought this religious hand-painted image of our Virgin Mary that was framed with intricate filigree details. It wasn’t a long negotiation. She knew what she wanted. And as she narrated, she had a similar piece that fell into the canal while she was touring Venice. And for decades, she had been looking to find a replacement. You can imagine her relief to finally find what she had been searching for in decades!

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Finding Treasures for Sabrina’s Daughter

The stories behind them, the craftsmanship that we don’t see anymore, and their old world charm—these are the reasons why I love old jewelry! Part of the fun is the thrill of waiting and hunting for that one piece you fall in love with—most likely a piece you will never see again. Gigi has a wonderful eye. I’ve learned how to look at pieces and appreciate their value because of the time she spends educating her customers (who eventually become her friends). She has amazing taste and understands what I am looking for. I love my Maria Angelica finds! I hope my daughter will enjoy them in the years to come! Sabrina UyMother and Lover of the Arts4

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Gigi Remembers: Creating New Traditions

The wife of a banker would often visit me, and she would specifically look for heritage pieces such as tamborines. When I asked her why, she shared that when her mother died, she was unfortunate to not have inherited any good jewelry as her mom bequeathed only to one sister of hers. She never got the chance to own pieces from her mother, which explains her affinity to old jewelry. And now that she can buy her own pieces, she does so with much longing and happiness. The habit became doubly rewarding because her daughters also love to wear the jewelry she invested in

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Jewelry Happy Hour with Luni

I met Gigi at a bazaar in Hotel Intercon. I saw a piece of jewelry that caught my eye and got her card. After many months, I still kept thinking about that piece. Finally, I called her, and she invited me over. That started our friendship and what we would call our Happy Hour. Friends and I would hang out at her place, look at jewelry, drink beer, and eat food. What should have been an hour would last until the evening. We would just talk and try on jewelry. It was so fun! Aside from Gigi’s warm personality, her jewelry are statement pieces. You will never see anyone wearing the same. The design, craftsmanship, history, and love put into every single piece makes it very, very, very special. Just looking at them makes me very happy! Luni D.Art Patron, Old Soul, and Antique Aficionado

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Gigi Remembers: The Lifesaving Story of Jewelry

Once, I had a buyer arrive at my booth with a lady companion. They were speaking lengthily in Chinese, and I was wondering what they could be sharing. Shortly after, her companion became interested in a particular pendant bearing the image of our Immaculate Concepcion. It was different in that it was hand-painted in enamel, and intricately framed in filigree and gold. Upon paying, the lady companion told me that this piece reminded her of World War II, when her mother would sew jewelry onto the hemlines of their skirts not only to hide them, but also to keep them handy when they needed to pay for safe passage.

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Of Ditta’s Jewelry and Memories

I have always had an affinity for things that give meaning to my life; most preferably, memorable items like furniture, houses, and of course, closest to my heart would be jewelry. It gives me a sense of connection to these objects d’art, and it allows me to connect to the not-so-distant past. I love Maria Angelica designs for their attention to detail. The craftsmanship is impeccable as well as the choice of authentic pieces that Gigi has meticulously chosen for her pieces of art—timeless pieces that are meant to be handed down for generations. Ditta SandicoFashion Designer and Advocate of Philippine Indigenous Weaves

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Marife’s Delight in Owning True Heritage

I love old jewelry by Maria Angelica because it embodies elegance, sophistication, and class. The craftsmanship exhibited in each piece of jewelry is impeccable. Every item is a work of art. I buy from Gigi for these very reasons. The pride of ownership comes with owning a “MARIA ANGELICA” heritage piece. Ditta SandicoArt Advocate, Mother, and Businesswoman

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On Perpy’s Pride in Wearing Philippine Artistry

I love wearing old jewelry because it’s like wearing a piece of history; a bygone era which depicts an architecture that’s completely unique and cannot be replicated anymore. Wearing one makes me feel like I’ve stepped into that decade, and that somehow, I’ve become part of it. I buy from Maria Angelica because Gigi makes the most intricate, gorgeous, and unique pieces—and I always get tons of compliments while wearing her creations. She’s truly one of the best artists in this lifetime! Perpy RuderFilipina Businesswoman in Guam, and Lover of Philippine Art and Culture

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Josie’s Love for Genuine Filipino Craftsmanship

Old jewelry tells a story. It showcases the timeworn workmanship of local artisans and expresses Filipino talent, art, and heritage. With such exquisite craftsmanship, I can proudly pass on each handmade piece as a future legacy. I am an avid collector of Maria Angelica jewelry because of the stunning, ornate pieces and unique designs. More importantly, I am always confident that the jewelry I purchase from them is genuine and of superb quality. Cong. Josie LimkaichongNegros Oriental 1st District Representative

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On Charlotte Finding Timeless Elegance

Old jewelry evokes timeless elegance, which I truly value. I am proud to say that I buy Maria Angelica jewelry because it allows me to enjoy these truly intricate and unique pieces of the highest quality, which are difficult to find anywhere else. Dra. Charlotte ChiongDean of the University of the Philippines’ School of Medicine

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