Update Your Collection Through Jewelry Renovation

A jewelry lover or collector will come across a loose stone, some broken jewelry, or an outdated design at least once in his or her life. It could be a rositas set that has been in the family for generations but can be considered dated. Perhaps it is a diamante ring that you purchased for yourself ages ago that should have stayed in its time as a fad. Either way, one is often left wondering what he or she could do with such pieces. After all, they may have their flaws but they still hold sentimental value. 

This is where Jewelry Renovation comes in. Jewelry Renovation, as its name describes, is a process where one can have old, inherited, or broken jewelry pieces renovated into updated designs or even marvelous new creations. This is not entirely new. It has been done for ages by jewelry fans all over the world but has been gaining popularity in recent years. 

With Jewelry Renovation and the help of a competent jeweler or platero, stones and pieces from family heirlooms held dear by generations that have passed can be taken from their original settings and rehashed into more current or contemporary versions of themselves. You just have to take your old jewelry to your jeweler or jewelry designer of choice, discuss the kind of jewelry renovation you would like to have in an exchange of ideas and watch your imagined piece unfold to you through a sketch. The process is a true collaboration between you and the crafter as there is no limit on what can be done through the design process. The finished product? An updated bespoke design made especially for you.

Metals used in old or broken jewelry are also not put to waste when it comes to Jewelry Renovation. Gold used in already existing jewelry pieces can be used once again for new creations. You may, for example, have old gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in your jewelry box. The precious metals from these pieces may be melted and refined to create an entirely new jewelry piece such as a cocktail ring or statement necklace. The gold may even be combined to create more than one creation. The jewelry’s category may also be changed altogether. A pendant, for instance, maybe made into a ring and a necklace converted into a bracelet. 

Jewelry Renovation is worth the investment of time and resources since it is a fun way to keep your jewelry collection up to date. It is also great for keeping your broken jewelry useful. The possibilities are endless and the horizons are wide to keep these heirlooms and let them last generations longer.

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