The Ageless Appeal of the Tamborine

is definitely a major factor in making good investment choices when it comes to fashion, and that includes jewelry.  During this pandemic period we are given time to rethink our spending habits and focus on the important things in life.  Like good things to wear that keeps. 
As they say, jewelry is every girl’s best friend.  A beautiful earring or necklace is a must to complete one’s daily get-up.  Could Timeless Masterpieces like the It Tamborine jewelry be far from our favored list? 

The Classic It Necklace
From centuries of shared fascination for tamborine jewelry, stories upon stories of why the iconic tamborine clicks is discussed here.  And why is it so? 

1. It’s genderless.
Men and women love it!  Just a slight contrast.  Men would prefer to wear a cross pendant over a relicario hanging on its long bead chain.  The tamborine variety called alfajor is also a favorite among men, worn over their barong Tagalog.  

2. It’s a product of Filipino skill and art. 
To this day, there are tamborine bead variants that cannot be replicated.  This limits  the old traditional tamborine bead designs from among the current repertoire of heritage tamborine pieces.  Being the artsy craftsman the Filipino is, there is a growing respect for new bead creations that modern artisans, like their old counterparts, make by hand.
3. It’s in the blood. 
Being handed down from one generation to another, the sentimentality of the tamborine makes it a forever treasure for the recipient.  Lola had it.  Mommy had it.  And so shall it be down the line! 

Let’s score 3  appealing IT Tamborine pieces from Ma. Angelica’s Rare Finds list: 

1. The Tamborine and Corals 1 necklace
Heritage is seen in the patina and the period from whence the beads were made.  The feel of the past is embodied in this iconic Rare Find. 

 2. The Insulares Alfajor Necklace
A winsome choice for the Filipino gentleman 200 years ago till today.  

3.  The Tamborine Refinado necklace
Yesterday’s glory recreated today.   A Remix collection from Ma. Angelica’s Rare Finds cabinet. Come visit!
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