Diamante Ring 1


Past meets present in our distinct line of one-of-a-kind Remix couture—where we join authentic heritage pieces with new materials and styles; or match the best of the old with other heirloom pieces—revealing a new brand of contemporary Filipino jewelry.


Tapping into years of artisanal history, our Recreate selection houses the next generation of heirloom jewelry formed using traditional techniques. They are made from new materials and often in more contemporary styles. Our Recreate designs can be specially made to order.
Genuine heritage pieces are given new life in our selection of Revive jewerly, as we return the timeless glory of these rare, one-off vintage and even older antique designs to their most pristine.
The Recollect line is a private assemblage of very important and historically valued pieces that are kept as signature parts of the Maria Angelica portfolio.

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Rose cut diamonds are locally referred to as “diamante”. Diamante’s are said to bring luck in business to the receiver. It is also believed to ward off evil spirits, perhaps because of the strong sparkle it emits reflected from the cut of the stone itself. This ring boasts of antique natural diamante stones ( hand cut from the outer crust of a diamond back when there were no sophisticated equipment to cut diamonds yet.).

> .30 of a karat center diamante
> 5 pcs of surrounding diamante stones of 15 to .20 of a karat.
> setting is 10k gold
> Turn of the century era
> Crafted in the Philippines

Note: Each REVIVE item is one-of-a-kind, a rare piece of vintage or antique jewelry that has been mindfully kept in its original allure.