MC Kalachuchi our Lady of Maryknoll


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I would have her distinguished by Christ-like charity,
a limpid simplicity of soul
heroic generosity
unfailing loyalty
prudent zeal
gracious courtesy
an adaptable disposition
solid piety, and
the saving grace of a sense of humor.

Traits we would love to imbibe, lovingly reminding us through this native Kalalchuchi pendant bearing the image of our Lady of Maryknoll. The pendant is made of 14k gold and fine sterling silver. It comes with a complimentary non-tarnish stainless steel chain. A blue sapphire accent completes the blue and gold theme.

Jewelry Insider: The Kalachuchi Pathway Miriam College High School is one of the iconic areas of the campus, thanks to the foresight of Sr. Marisa Lichauco, M.M. She initiated the planting of most of the trees on campus, including this beautiful Kalachuchi tree line where many High School students love to hang out. (MCO, 2016)

Size: Kalachuchi pendant including the loop – 1.6 in

We are now accepting orders for this Kalachuchi with Our Lady of Maryknoll design.

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